Reflections Signature Massage Journey

The fluidity of Thai massage is blended with Deep tissue and Balinese Massages   Techniques. This healing massage treatment is a holistic approach to providing deep release to overworked muscles, whilst forming a deep state of sublime relaxation.

75 mins - $205

Signature Customized Massage

This targeted massage is customized to your individual needs using Swedish massage techniques. 

30 mins - $75 | 60 mins - $165

Aroma Stone Massage

This healing power of the earth massage restores balance with deep heated stones

used along with a fusion of body specific techniques.

60 mins - $190 | 90 mins - $270

Warm Bamboo Massage

Relieve stress and tension with this relaxing massage using warm bamboo rods and aromatic oils.

This massage is excellent for loosening up tight muscles.

60 mins - $190 | 90 mins - $270

Deep Tissue Massage

Dynamic  blends of deep rhythmic techniques are used to release muscle strain with this powerful massage. Your therapist leaves you feeling grounded and more focused. 

*stretching is included but optional*

30 mins - $95.00  60 mins - $200 | 90 mins - $290


In Harmony Four Hand Massage

Two therapists work In tandem to restore a sense of well-being using traditional 

Balinese massage techniques.

60 mins - $230

Balinese Fusion Massage

This traditional Balinese harmonizing therapeutic massage ritual uses a combination of acupressure and   Balinese massage techniques to bring peace to the body and spirit.

75 mins - $205

Couples Massage

Spend some time together and escape while enjoying side by side massages 

*includes a back exfoliating renewal ritual and a glass of Prosecco*

60 mins - $340 

Pregnancy Massage

Completely relax and feel renewed as our spa professionals provide you with a effective and safe prenatal massage designed to cater to all your body's needs. 

*promotes rest and assist with relieving fluid retention*

60 mins - $205

In-Room Massage

Unwind and exhale with this In-Room soothing aromatherapy body and soul healing massage. This treatment promotes sleep and encourages a restful time ahead.

60 mins - $190

Massage 101

A creative interactive and partner building opportunity for couples to learn   how to massage each other. Emerge inspired with professional techniques to   use at home.

60 mins - $230

Massage add-ons